Monday, January 14, 2019

Science News

Last week our scientists continued their explorations with motion! We took balls outside on the playground to find places where balls can roll. We experimented with small and large sized balls and even set up a challenge; children needed to roll a ball and knock over a bottle! 
Students noticed the larger the slope, the faster the ball would travel! It was a VERY windy day, and we even caught some snow flurries. Students noted how the wind also caused the balls to move or change direction. 

Friday, January 11, 2019

Choice time with Mr. N

Mr. N had some fun choices for us this week!
We learned about nickels, read a story and attempted coin rubbings!
The sensory table continues to be a hit, and it filled with sand! 
Coloring pictures of Mr. N and painting number stories at the easel!
We made name necklaces with beads and string and also used recycled materials to create a "neighborhood." One we created the buildings and landmarks, we played with them! 
The dollhouse is always fun! The girls on the right made a house that sleeps 16 family members! 
Dramatic Play was very busy this week... it was a "Nurse's Office!" Lots of band aids, ice packets and "broken bones."

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Mr. N's News

Mr. N visited our class this week! We are learning all about his letter and his sound!
We've been practicing with our Names! We've made our own name signs and also practiced writing our names with "book spelling." 
First, we warm up our writing "muscles" then we practice writing lowercase n! 
We covered uppercase N with number stamps, too because Mr. N loves Numbers! 
More name practice and alphabet arc Bingo! 
We made a number game to bring home and play with family! This game helps us name and identify teen numbers. 
Students also practiced writing numbers 7-9 with a number race, solved addition and subtraction equations with "icicles" and learned the "kindergarten way" to write the number 9!
See if your kindergartener can teach YOU how to write 9! 
We explored with our new Rekenreks or math racks which help build number sense and understanding! We also raced a partner to organize numbers before the timer ran out! 
Mr. N also wanted us to know how important it is that we remember our special, unique numbers! We all have special numbers to us... how old we are, our birthdate, telephone number and address! Students worked hard to create their own posters which we hope can hang up someplace central at home for practice! 

Tuesday, January 8, 2019


Image result for snowflake
We hope you will be able to attend our annual Winter Fest! This fun-filled event will be held on Friday, January 25th at Shaker Lane! This is our school's biggest fund raiser of the year, it's a busy but VERY fun night for your kiddos and family. 

Our class' basket donation theme is "Family Movie Night!" Our room parent, Lavanya Lingala sent an email to update everyone last week! 

Monday, January 7, 2019

Happy New Year!

It's been great to be back together, in our kindergarten room once again! We have been settling back in to our school routine, sharing stories from vacation and holidays and writing about our news!
We wrote in our News Journals and then read previous news we'd shared!
We spent a lot of time with snow-related activities during our first week back...although there is not much snow!
We have a lot to look forward to in 2019!